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When it comes to network support, no two organizations have the exact same needs. That’s why we NSP (Network Support Plan) – a highly flexible service plan that makes it simple for your business to plan and budget for appropriate IT services. 

Dataprise provides more than just reactive IT support. Our entire approach is based on proactivity: making sure that you're best equipped for the now – while also preparing you for the future. We offer full, high-level advisory and consulting services as part of every engagement, and we don’t hide in a data center – we work directly with you!



Your digital marketing is only as effective as the analytical insights derived from online activities.This Google Analytics course guides you through web analytics and other data sources to better understand site visitor characteristics and behaviour. You will understand the most important and appropriate metrics and how to use them improve your digital activities.This is a very interactive, practical module which will help you to understand how to get the most from you website analytics. We explain how to get actionable insights from the traffic to your site, which you can then use to improve design and optimise your traffic. You will then be in a position to identify areas that require improvement and you’ll be able to measure the impact of changes implemented.


Objectives & Outcomes


After attending this course, participants will have a clear understanding of how to measure and monitor their online traffic. Using this information, you should be able to update your marketing campaigns to drive increased traffic to your business

A definition of Search Engine Optimisation: The process by which one uses various strategies to directly affect the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine’s natural/ organic search results.

At Make A Site, SEO is one of the major driving forces behind the Big Data component of our offering. Our expertise allows us to earn your brand maximum online visibility and marketability, with emphasis always placed on transparency and results.

SEO is a crucial channel for both lead generation as well as brand awareness. Effective SEO hinges on technical on-site optimisation and the creation of engaging content that drives online conversation. Every aspect of an organic search campaign should be measured through Analytics in order to accrue data that will help deliver optimal results – an area that Make A Site is extremely proficient at as one of Africa’s only Google Analytics Certified Partners.

Make A Site was originally primarily an SEO company and one of the leading influencers in this field in South Africa. Having made its name in the realm of Big Data and SEO, it is a service the company continues to excel at since the merger – our offerings have diversified but our commitment to SEO excellence has not changed. Over the years we have successfully ensured that our clients achieve outstanding online visibility through a variety of proficient, best-practice, Google-approved methods which revolve around our key offerings of quality content, community management, relevant keywords, perpetual link networks, UX-friendly design, web optimization, Analytics and PPC. SEO is in a constant state of flux as Google brings in its frequent updates, (Penguin 2.0 and Panda being the latest examples) and new technologies and social media play an increasingly significant role. Our expertise and experience allows us to anticipate and react quickly to these changes, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve and consistently deliver on the online traction and results that we promise our clients.

One of the most surprising things when you look at small businesses is how many of them don't have a website. You would think that in this day and age everybody would know how important a website is for all businesses. Clearly that is not the case. Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is how people are likely to find you. These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don't have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business. Even if people don't buy your product online they are still likely to research it online so you have to have a website so these people can learn about your business.

A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business. Most people just assume that you have a website since the vast majority of businesses do, at least the vast majority of big companies do. There are actually still quite a few small businesses that don't have a website and without one this is exactly what they will remain. If you don't have a website that you can refer people to potential customers are going to assume that you are a small time company that does not take their business seriously. Once you establish this reputation it is going to be hard to make sales.

A website will not only give you credibility but it will also help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your company does not really matter. There is no reason that you can't get your site to rank in Google ahead of a large multinational competitor and funnel off some of their traffic. This is a big part of the reason that a website is even more important for a small business than a big one, it tends to level the playing field.

Clearly there are still a lot of small businesses that do not have websites, there are various reasons for this but mostly it comes down to the belief that they are expensive. It is rather surprising how much small business owners believe a website will cost them. In truth a website can be built for very little money and if you are on a tight budget you can even get free websites. Remember you don't need a giant ten thousand page website for your business, just a simple site that tells people about your company and your products will be more than enough


Company Profile

Our goal is to provide corporate-level IT systems and friendly IT support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Make A Site is a privately owned company, situated in Noordheuwel Krugerdsorp Gauteng. Founded in January 2012, the company started off offering ‘deep skills’ technical support and consulting to other IT companies or to companies whose own IT departments were overwhelmed or who lacked the technical skills required for specific projects.

As our customer base grew we started taking on more and more SME clients who were struggling to find decent IT support. While this was not our initial business model, we soon found that we could add significant value to those smaller clients.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, the IT landscape is split between large IT companies, of which there are a handful, and the small one-man-band IT support companies. As a result, many smaller businesses report that they feel ignored by the large IT companies, while the smaller operators just don’t have the skills, the technology or the resources to offer a decent level of service.

The result of this split in the IT landscape is that many SME’s don’t have access to the same network management systems and skilled technical support which larger corporates enjoy. This is where Make A Site comes in. With our significant investment in network management and automation systems, our highly developed skills base and our wealth of technical experience, we are able to offer our customers the kind of IT management and support that only the largest corporate companies previously had access to.